The strength of heat

The strength of heat

HTEcosystem is part of the National Industry 4.0 Plan, this allows access to a series of expected depreciation

What is HTecosystem

"Because the future requires it"

Because the new standards of food companies and the need to eliminate the impact of toxic agents on the product makes this system a real necessity, both for producers and for end consumers. For this ht ecosystem is the best solution currently on the market.

What is HTecosystem

Not just a machine ... but a system

Despite the more or less faithful imitations of our machines, the interventions will very hardly give results similar to ours, this is because HTecosystem is more than a machine, it is a system that integrates the tools with a "know-how" developed in 20 years of continuous study and experience gained in the field.

A "Know How" that we will be happy to share by giving you support in your first steps in this new frontier. 

I punti forti di HTecosystem

An environmentally friendly system

Questo sistema richiede il solo uso di energia elettrica che se di origine rinnovabile può ridurre allo 0 l'impatto ambientale. Inoltre la completa assenza di gas tossici non mette a rischio la fauna nelle vicinanaze del sito.

No impact on the product and on the site treated

At the end of the treatment the product and the machinery inside the treated environment will be unaltered in all their properties and free from any chemical product


Gli studi compiuti e la nostra esperienza ci hanno insegnato che nessun insetto infestante sopravvive ad un alla lunga esposizione ad alte temperatura, la disinfestazione con il sistema HTecosystem dà risultati migliori rispetto ai metodi tradizionali.

Choose the most suitable solution


The creation of a fleet of machines will allow you to carry out large and very large interventions in total autonomy.


The best solution for individual small or medium-scale interventions, eliminates the need for large spaces to house a fleet of machines and does not require a significant initial investment, the rental service can include the possibility of receiving support before, during and after the intervention.


The Maintenance service will allow you to keep your fleet always in the best conditions, with the possibility of receiving a professional technician on site.

A proven effectiveness

The CNR and several universities have carried out research
to establish the effectiveness of the HTecosystem system, finding excellent results. Furthermore, our direct application in the field even in large international contexts has allowed us to develop the system down to the smallest detail.

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